whatPlant? is a plant
recognition app.

Thank you so much for your interest! We'll be in touch soon.

Take a picture of a plant and whatPlant? will
tell you the plant's species.

1 - Take some pictures

The more pictures you take, the more accurate the results.

2 - See the classification

We use the cutting edge deep learning algorithms to classify the plant.

3 - Browse your results

All your results are stored in the app, so you can return to them whenever you like.

Our technology.

Client Side

The smartphone app has been initially developed for the iPhone4, 4s, 5, and 5s running iOS7. We hope to release on the App Store as soon as possible.

Server Side

The team uses Node.js and MongoDB to administer the server-side functionality. Our server architecture has been built with scale in mind. Even as our app becomes more popular, users can still expect quick response times.

Machine Learning

The neural network is based on Alex Krizhevsky's cuda-convnet library. The heart of the implementation uses NVIDIA's CUDA platform; a proprietary language that provides extensions to C++ allowing developers access to CUDA-enabled GPUs.

Our Awesome Team.

We are a group of MSc Computing Science students from Imperial College London. We are passionate about building great tools and products.

Gerard Haughian

Gerard is the team leader and scrum master.

He works on the Data Infrastructure, and general NoSQL wizardry.

Ashley Cutmore

Ashley is the team's front-end developer.

He focuses on the app's development, working primarily in Objective-C.

Stewart Douglas

Stewart is a back-end developer.

He focuses on the 'worker' server, working in Node.js and MongoDB.

Alexandre Dalyac

Alex focuses on machine learning

He works primarily with Python.

John McCormac

John focuses on machine learning.

He works primarily with Python and CUDA.

Simon Leigh

Simon is a back-end developer.

He focuses on the 'request' server, working in Node.js and MongoDB.